Limestone - Ancaster Hard White


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Quarried from Lincolnshire, East England, this is a seductive light cream limestone, uniform in colour and texture. Quarried since Roman times, this hard limestone has been used for centuries in Cathedrals, Stately Homes and many other prestigious buildings.
Technical Results
Geological Type
Jurassic Limestone
Cream White/Clustered Shells
Water Absorption
5.8% BS EN 13755:2002
15.30% BS EN 1936:1999
2299 Kg/cubic metre
Abrasion Resistance 25.4mm Moderate Commercial Use BS EN 1341:2001
Compressive Strength
25 MPa
Pass. Change in flexural Strenght 14% BS EN 1341:2001
  Saturation Coefficient 0.9% BRE 89
  Slip Resistance Dry 67 Wet 41
  Average Block Size 1500x800x350mm
  Miscellaneous Information

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