Sandstone - Beestone

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Hard medium-grained sandstone without visible laminations. Durable with good weathering qualities.
Technical Results
Geological Type
Triassic sandstone
Plum red / Brown with darker bedding lines
Water Absorption
3.11 %
12.36 %
2337 kg/m3
Compressive Strength
Wet 66 MPa Dry 115 MPa
  Saturation Coefficient 0.63
  Flexural Strength Dry 7 MPa Wet 5 MPa
  Acid Immersion Pass
  Miscellaneous Information

Modulus of rupture perpendicular to rift
Dry 11.9 MPa

Freeze thaw
Tests indicate that failure due to frost is unlikely

Please note that stone is a natural product and all results are subject to variation