Sandstone - Forrest of Dean

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Hard fine-grained sandstone without visible laminations. Durable with good weathering qualities.
Technical Results
Geological Type
Carboniferous Pennant sandstone
Light grey heart with buff / Brown rings to outside of block.y
Water Absorption
2.55 % BS EN 13755:2002
9.85 % BS EN 1936 (2006)
2411 kg/m3 BS EN 1936 (2006)
Abrasion Resistance 19.5 mm intensive use BS EN 1341 2000 Annex C
Compressive Strength
Dry 110 MPa BS EN 1926 (1999)
Tests indicate that failure due to frost action is unlikely
  Slip Resistance Dry 76 Wet 68 BS EN 1341 2001 Annex D
  Flexural Strength 10.92MPa. Dry 3-point BS EN 12372:2006
  Average Block Size 1500x1000x600mm
  Miscellaneous Information

Please note that stone is a natural product and all results are subject to variation